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Master of Engineering. Witold Misiuda - founder

A pioneer of innovative solutions for transport machinery and the founder of Rolmex, Witold Misiuda, born on June 18, 1931, in Samborzec, is a significant figure in the history of Polish technology and entrepreneurship. His life path, full of determination and pursuit of excellence, is an inspiration to many. As a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Witold Misiuda began his career as an automotive technology and road traffic expert at P.Z.M. and a designer in the communication equipment design office in Warsaw-Praga. His innovative approach resulted in the authorship of three patents, which significantly contributed to the development of technology in Poland.

His innovative approach resulted in the authorship of three patents, which significantly contributed to the development of technology in Poland. His technical and organizational efforts led to the establishment of the Kielce Transport Company and “Transbud” Kielce, which became leaders in the country in terms of progress and work organization.

Witold Misiuda Rolmex

In the photo: Witold Misiuda’s revolutionary project – a breakthrough in post-war Poland. During the period of intense post-war reconstruction, Witold Misiuda, a distinguished engineer and technological pioneer, introduced a significant breakthrough in the field of road transport. His innovative vehicle design, implemented by the Transbud Kielce company, marked a milestone in the history of Polish automotive and logistics industries. The vehicle was a response to the urgent needs for efficient and safe transportation. It was characterized by an impressive payload capacity of 26 tons and a length of 18 meters, which at that time was an unprecedented achievement. The vehicle’s design was thoughtful and innovative, taking into account the challenging transport and infrastructure conditions. One of the key elements of this project was the implementation of a dual-circuit braking system, which significantly increased the vehicle’s safety. This advanced braking system not only improved vehicle control but also ensured greater reliability in the challenging road conditions that were commonplace during that period.

Development of the Rolmex company.

In 1986, Witold Misiuda founded Rolmex, which became a symbol of reliability and innovation in the production of agricultural machinery and road maintenance equipment. The company specializes in the production of flail mowers, boom mowers, stump grinders, and other equipment essential for the ongoing maintenance of roads in Poland. Rolmex products, known for their reliability and durability, are used by over 70% of the Provincial and County Road Administrations in the country. For over two decades, the family business ROLMEX-Misiuda sp.j was led by Witold Misiuda’s son, a Master of Engineering, Grzegorz Misiuda. Today, the Rolmex company is run by Witold Misiuda’s grandson, a Master of Engineering. Karol Misiuda, MBA.

Wiotold Misiuda Rolmex24
Wiotold Misiuda Rolmex

In the photo: Tatra type 148 with a box trailer with a payload of 26 tons, 12 units were produced. at PTSB TRANSBUD Kielce in the years 1966-68 according to. designed by Witold Misiuda. The documentation was taken over by the Union of ZREB-Warsaw, which initiated production The trailer introduced a two-wire braking system, not previously used in Poland. The photo captures the transport of silicate bricks – 5 stacks of 4.5 tons each, totaling 22.5 tons. In the upper left corner, you can see Polish (smaller) vehicle constructions of the STAR make.

Rolmex today - innovation and Polish pride.

Our engineers specialize exclusively in the production of reliable mowers, mulchers, and accessories for them. Thanks to this, we can focus on the high quality of the products we offer.

Our team

Rolmex has been a multiple-time winner of the prestigious Polish Business Gazelles ranking and Forbes Diamonds. This means that the company belongs to the elite of medium-sized enterprises – it not only develops dynamically year by year but is also transparent. All this would not have been possible without the customer-oriented nature of our team.

Reliable performance.

Rolmex products are primarily intended for companies in the road maintenance industry. Therefore, it is reinforced and well-adapted to harsh easter European conditions. Our machines are also effectively used in forestry and agriculture..

Rolmex - market leader and pride of Polish export.

Rolmex machines are exported to over 25 countries around the world. We are particularly proud of winning the tender for the supply of mowers for the city of Cangzhou in China. Rolmex outperformed several prestigious European manufacturers of reach mowers. Over 70% of provincial road administrations in Poland use our reliable boom mowers, numerous working heads, and heavy-duty flail mowers.