Flail and verge mowers

Welcome to Rolmex, where we offer a comprehensive range of verge mowers, including front verge mowers for tractors, designed for efficiency, durability, and versatility. Our mowers are ideal for a variety of applications, ensuring precision and ease in maintaining verges, edges, and open spaces.

Areas of Application:

Municipal Use: Our verge mowers are extensively used by municipalities for maintaining green strips along roads, mowing road greens, and cutting back trees and bushes in side streets or paths.

Agriculture: In addition to caring for fallow land, our mowers are adept at trimming bushes and trees at field edges, keeping working and drainage areas clear, and swiftly clearing farm roads of protruding branches.

Specialized Cultivation: Tree nurseries, fruit growing, and viticulture benefit from our mowers to maintain cultivation alleys clear between rows of plants, ensuring high mobility and precision.

Remote Operation: Our mowers allow for operation at a distance from the tractor, ideal for mowing near swampy riverbanks, under fences, and around delicate plants, minimizing damage.

Technical Details:

Mechanism & Attachments: The mowing mechanism, driven by the PTO shaft of a tractor or Unimog, can be a front or rear attachment. Some models feature hydraulically driven units with varying working widths.

Hydraulic Boom: The hydraulically controllable boom, equipped with at least two hydraulic cylinders, allows for precise positioning of the mower both sideways and at the cutting angle.

Hydraulic System: A finely adjustable hydraulic system is crucial for setting the mower’s position accurately for slopes, ditches, or hedges, using a double-acting control unit.

Operational Safety: Features like flow control valves and safety valves ensure operational safety, preventing uncontrolled movements in case of hydraulic line damage.

Collision Protection: To address the challenge of unseen obstacles, our verge mowers are equipped with collision protection, allowing the mower to swing backward upon impact, preventing damage.

Key Features of Rolmex Mowers:

Wide Selection: A variety of models to suit different requirements and tractor types.
High-Quality Engineering: Robust construction and advanced technology for optimal performance.
User-Friendly Design: Easy attachment, intuitive controls, and efficient operation.
Support and Service: Comprehensive customer support, including expert advice and maintenance services.
Explore Our Range:

Discover the perfect verge mower for your needs at Rolmex. With detailed product descriptions and specifications, we are your destination for high-quality agricultural and landscaping equipment.

Support and Service: At Rolmex, we stand behind our products. We offer comprehensive customer support, including expert advice, spare parts availability, and maintenance services.