Mulcher with hammer/flail rotor for excavators.

Flail mowers for excavators. Ideal for maintaining ditches, right-of-ways, hillsides, roadways, and other challenging terrains. This equipment efficiently removes unwanted vegetation, ensuring clear and accessible areas.

Overgrowth Control: Perfect for managing overgrown trails, culvert areas, ditches, and cattails along lake shores. It provides an effective solution for controlling dense vegetation and maintaining clear pathways.

Land Preparation for Construction: Essential for preparing land and properties on new construction sites. It facilitates the initial phase of construction by clearing the land of vegetation and other obstacles.

How It Works
Cutting Mechanism: The mulcher utilizes rotating flail knives for effective cutting. These knives move through the material, while the operator has the flexibility to adjust the cutting height using the excavator’s arm.

Design and Operation: The knives are free-swinging and rotate around an axis, capturing the cut material in a cylindrical hood. For enhanced versatility, the operator can reverse the direction of the knives by simply switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor.

Motor Options and Compatibility: The mulcher can be fitted with a standard 18-34cc motor or an upgraded 38-56cc motor, making it compatible with excavators ranging from 2.5 to 17.5 tons. Additionally, an optional 17/34cc 27/51cc piston or variable piston manual displacement hydraulic motor with mechanical adjustment is available, offering adaptability to any excavator model.

Ease of Mounting: A flow control valve is integrated to ensure easy and rapid mounting of the mulcher. This feature allows the equipment to be attached without the need for adjustments or modifications to the excavator’s hydraulic system, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

This range of features makes the mulcher an ideal tool for various tasks, from clearing brush and overgrowth to preparing land for construction, providing efficiency and adaptability to different working conditions.