Power arm attachments

At Rolmex, we take pride in offering an extensive array of working attachments, designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of our customers’ Power Arms. Our range of attachments is meticulously engineered to enable operators to deliver a broader spectrum of services with efficiency and precision.

Diverse Attachment Options:

Multisaws and Cutterbars: Ideal for precision cutting and trimming, our Multisaws and Cutterbars are perfect for a variety of landscaping and agricultural tasks.
Ditch Cleaners: Keep waterways and ditches clear with our robust ditch cleaners, designed for effective maintenance and cleaning.
Roadside Milling Machines: Our high-performance milling machines are tailored for roadside maintenance, ensuring smooth and even surfaces.
Stamp Grinders: Increase efficiency with our stamp grinders, ideal for grinding and leveling tasks in construction and road work.
Innovative Flailheads and Drilling Rigs:
Rolmex also specializes in manufacturing a selection of four different flailheads, each designed to meet specific operational needs. Among these, the WK stands out as the world’s first drilling rig installed on a power arm. This groundbreaking innovation not only enhances the capabilities of the power arm but also opens up new possibilities in drilling and excavation operations.

Choose Rolmex for attachments that transform your Power Arms into multi-functional tools, capable of tackling a wide range of tasks. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every product we offer is built to the highest standards, delivering reliability and performance that our customers can trust.

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This expanded content provides a detailed overview of Rolmex’s range of working attachments, emphasizing their functionality and the innovative features of the WK flailhead. The format is designed for easy reading and highlights the key aspects of Rolmex’s offerings.