Power arms (Boom mowers)

Rolmex: Your Premier Source for Versatile Power Arm (Boom Mowers) Solutions

Welcome to Rolmex, where we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled range of Power Arm solutions, perfect for a variety of professional reach mowing needs. Our extensive product line, encompassing five distinct series and sixteen unique models, is designed to meet diverse requirements across Agricultural, Municipal, Military, and Airport applications.

Extensive Range with Dozens of Configurable Options

Rolmex boasts one of the most comprehensive fleets of reach mowers in the world today. Our Power Arms, ranging from 3.2 meters to an impressive 9.0 meters, are engineered for optimal performance and user comfort. Understanding the unique needs of each operator, we offer dozens of configurable options, allowing for complete customization from reach and power to arm assembly and control systems.

Bespoke Power Arms – Tailored to Your Specific Needs

At Rolmex, we specialize in creating custom-made Power Arms. Our bespoke service is dedicated to designing and building equipment according to your precise, personal specifications. Whether you’re managing hedgerows or controlling vegetation, our custom-designed solutions ensure that your every need is catered for.

Classic KR Models – Versatility Across the Spectrum

Our classic KR series is a testament to our heritage and reputation in providing professional solutions. These models range from compact, efficient mowers to high-performance 9-meter models, ideal for large-scale farmers and service providers. With six different series within our portfolio, Rolmex offers a specialist tool to suit your specific cutting requirement, ensuring that no matter the size or specificity of your operation, we have a solution that meets your expectations.

Acclaimed Leadership in Mowing Equipment

Acclaimed as a leading name in mowing equipment, Rolmex is your first choice for reach mowers. Our products are complemented by a variety of specialist attachments, ensuring comprehensive solutions for every mowing challenge.

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