New Holland T5 with Rolmex Power Arm

The T5 Series Tractors from New Holland

The T5 series tractors from New Holland epitomize modern agriculture, combining efficiency, versatility, and comfort. These advanced machines are designed to maximize ease of work for both farmers and municipal machinery operators, offering a range of innovative technical solutions.

Comfort and Visibility with the Deluxe VisionView™ Cabin

The Deluxe VisionView™ cabin in the T5 tractors not only provides comfort but also excellent visibility in all directions, invaluable during challenging cultivation tasks. Ergonomic, vibration-damping seats ensure comfort for the operator who spends many hours a day in them.

Modern Technologies and Equipment

The T5 tractors are equipped with modern working lights, intuitive tractor function control through touch screen monitors, and a clear dashboard. The innovative Electro Command™ or Dual Command™ transmission and creeper gears allow for precise speed adjustment to the task at hand.

Versatility and Efficiency

The New Holland T5 tractors are extremely versatile, perfect for fieldwork, farm buildings, transport, and even yard work. Their fuel efficiency combined with high performance makes them an economical investment. They fulfill their role as carriers for municipal machinery.

Thanks to the innovative Electro Command™ or Dual Command™ transmission, adjusting speed to the task becomes even simpler and more precise than before. The creeper gears in the tractor are extremely useful for mowing grass and bushes. The creeper gear in the gearbox is a very important parameter allowing for work with specialized heads, such as the PR80h ditch cleaner, SP90 verge cutter, TR155h branch saw, or TGR155 branch guillotine. The minimum speed in the tractor is 0.3 km/h, enabling precise work in delicate conditions.

Specialist Modifications by ROLMEX

At ROLMEX, we make certain modifications to the T5 series tractors to ensure even greater stability of the boom mower. We adjust the positioning of the armrest and joystick to ensure optimal ergonomics of work. Additionally, the boom mower is equipped with a leveling system specifically dedicated to the New Holland brand, increasing its efficiency and safety of use.

Full Responsibility and Support from ROLMEX

ROLMEX, as a supplier, takes full responsibility for the mowing set, providing comprehensive support and service. The T5 series tractors are the ideal solution for modern agriculture, which requires reliable, efficient, and comfortable machines.

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