Front verge mowers KBP

Flail Mower KBP

The Flail Mower KBP

The Flail Mower KBP is a versatile tool for professional grass mowing that can be mounted on the front of a tractor. Its application is very broad, covering open areas, communication routes, and urbanized city areas. The Flail Mower KBP is characterized by a simple but solid construction, ensuring the machine’s reliability. It is powered by the tractor’s power take-off shaft and operates on the front PTO (Power Take-Off) at a speed of 1000 rpm.

How does the Flail Mower KBP work?

Right-angle gearbox: The right-angle gearbox of the flail mower transfers rotations from the PTO shaft to the working shaft, which is set parallel to the ground.

Hammers: The working shaft is equipped with loosely suspended, heavy, forged hammers. These hammers crush and shred green material, which quickly turns into humus. Woody elements of branches and shrubs are heavily shredded, and unevenness on the terrain is evenly organized.

Advantages of the Flail Mower KBP:

  • Double protection: The Flail Mower KBP has a mechanical fuse that protects against damage in case of collision with an obstacle. Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with a one-way clutch and belts on pulleys, providing double protection against damage.
  • Simple construction and low repair costs: The simple design of the Flail Mower KBP translates into reliability and minimal repair costs in case of failure.
  • Effective mowing: The Flail Mower KBP can be mounted simultaneously on the front of the tractor and the boom mower KR at the rear of the tractor, allowing for very efficient mowing in one pass.

Applications of the Flail Mower KBP:

  • Mowing of fallows and road verges.
  • Mowing of green areas in land reclamation and railway maintenance.
  • Maintenance of pastures, meadows, recreational areas, and thickets for cleaning purposes.

The Flail Mower KBP on a pantograph is a reliable tool that guarantees effectiveness and efficiency in the maintenance of green areas. Its solid construction and wide application make it an excellent choice for professionals.


Working Width 120 cm
Weight 490 Kg
Mower Reach 220 cm
Mower Rotation Angle -60° / 90°


Working Width 140 cm
Weight 520 Kg
Mower Reach 240 cm
Mower Rotation Angle -60° / 90°


Working Width 160 cm
Weight 600 Kg
Mower Reach 260 cm
Mower Rotation Angle -60° / 90°