Orchard Mower KS4

KS-4 Orchard Mower

The Orchard Mower KS-4 represents a new generation in orchard care. Its advanced technical and practical features set it apart from the competition, making it a leader among orchard mowers. The use of the KS-4 mower allows for the complete elimination of herbicide strips, which is a revolutionary step in ecological orchard care.

Sturdy Construction and Efficiency

The KS-4 mower is characterized by a solid, compact construction. Its optimal mowing height of 8-9 cm, and a weight of about 380 kg with a working width exceeding 210 cm, make it an ideal choice for tractors with lower power. Additionally, the standard hydraulic shift of 80 cm allows for efficient mowing in orchards with wide plantings and sprawling tree crowns.

Innovations for Young Orchards and Berry Fields

The KS-4 orchard mower has been designed with young orchards and berry fields in mind. The adjustable pressure of the mowing wheel and low side guards minimize the risk of damaging the trunks. Three short, interchangeable blades made of special steel provide precise mowing and shredding of plant material up to 5 cm in diameter.

Advanced Terrain Tracking Technology

The mowing wheel system in the KS-4 mower, operating in a smooth system, allows for precise terrain copying in two planes – horizontal and vertical. Four driving wheels provide independent machine guidance over the terrain, ensuring smooth unevenness selection.

High Quality and Easy Operation

The KS-4 orchard mower stands out for its high-quality components, solid construction, and ease of operation. This is a strong argument for its purchase, especially in the context of work in orchards. Its flat and low design is particularly beneficial when working in berry fields.

Additional Features:

  • Adjustable mowing height on the support roller and guide wheels
  • Hydraulic side shift of the mower: 80 cm

The KS-4 orchard mower is a modern, efficient solution for every orchard, ensuring precision and safety at work.


Working Width 235 cm
Main Mower Working Width (without mowing wheel) 170 cm
Number of Blades 4 pcs.
Hydraulic Shift 80 cm
Machine Height from Ground (without gearbox) 23-27 cm
Machine Weight 380 kg