Stump grinder FP for excavators

The FP stump grinder is a unique tool designed for easy mounting on excavators and backhoe loaders, transforming them into highly efficient machines for stump removal. This Polish product stands out in the European market, where competition includes German, Italian, and Danish alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Cutting Disc: Choose between a 40 cm or 60 cm diameter disc, matched to the size of the stump being removed.
  • Unlimited Stump Removal Capability: Our grinder can handle a stump of any diameter, ensuring that no task is too big.
  • High Efficiency: With an impressive performance of about 0.5 m³/hr, the FP increases productivity and shortens work time on site.
  • Optimal Speed: The cutting disc rotates at a speed of 1800-2500 rpm, providing fast and clean cuts.
  • Flexible Mounting: Designed for easy installation on both excavators and backhoe loaders.
  • Engine Options: Equipped with a gear or piston engine, depending on the parameters of your machine’s hydraulic line.

Ideal for models such as JCB 3CX, 4CX, and CAT 432, 434, the FP stump grinder is indispensable for removing stumps along roadsides. Its mobility is enhanced by a long hydraulic arm, allowing work on sloping embankments and high counter-embankments. Notably, the cutting disc is not directly connected to the hydraulic motor, which is a unique feature that distinguishes it from the competition.