Heavy flail head for power arms GH

The GH head from Rolmex is a technologically advanced flail mower, designed for efficient cutting of grass and shrubs with a maximum diameter of 8 cm of dry wood. Equipped with innovative H360 type rotary hammers, the GH head is an ideal solution for professionals requiring reliability and performance.

Advanced Mechanism for Diverse Applications

Thanks to the high power on the working shaft and rotary blades, the GH head performs well in the most difficult terrain conditions. Its versatility allows for cutting plants of various heights, making it an ideal tool for Forestry Services, municipal companies, and other institutions where efficiency and precision count.

Safety and Durability

The design of the GH head ensures faultlessness and safety for both the operator and bystanders. This is especially important when working in built-up areas, urban traffic, and on street routes.

Compatibility and Versatility

The GH head is compatible with professional hydraulic arms from Rolmex, ensuring even greater work efficiency. We offer various versions of working shafts, including:


UniversalROTOR2 for the GH flail mower

Shaft for rotary hammers #H360ROTOR, ideal for shrubs.


Shaft for Y blades on shackles, for precise mowing.

Customization to Client’s Needs

Available in widths from 100 to 130 cm, the standard head has a width of 120 cm. The choice between a belt drive and a direct drive allows for customization of the head to individual user needs.

Technical Specification:

  • Cutting shaft rotations: 3000-3100 rpm,
  • Height adjustment of cutting,
  • Diameter of cut and shredded regrowth: 8cm,
  • Bi-directional operation of the cutting shaft,
  • Additional inner coat made of HARDOX400 steel,
  • Optional protective chains and flap opening actuator,
  • Replaceable skids,
  • Hidden lubrication of the support roller,
  • Belt drive of the head (SKF toothed belts).



Front chain guards Optional
Flap opening actuator Optional
Width 120 cm
Belt transmission Optional
Weight 270-340 Kg


Front chain guards Optional
Flap opening actuator Optional
Width 130 cm
Belt transmission Optional
Weight 280-350 Kg