Heavy mulching head to power arms RAGNAR100

RAGNAR 100 Mulching Head – A Revolution in Mulching

Discover the RAGNAR 100, the first boom mower head on the Polish market capable of mulching wood with a diameter exceeding 11 cm. This is not just a breakthrough in mulching technology, but also a guarantee of unmatched efficiency and durability.

Key Features:

  • Working Width: An impressive 100 cm, enabling quick and efficient work.
  • Power on Cutting Shaft: Minimum 65 HP, providing unparalleled cutting power.
  • Rotations of Cutting Shaft: Minimum 2850 rpm, ensuring smooth and uniform cutting.
  • Height Adjustment of Cutting: Customizable to user needs, ensuring perfect results.
  • Bi-directional Operation of Cutting Shaft: Increasing versatility and cutting efficiency.
  • Cast Iron Engine of Cutting Shaft: With a capacity of 42 cm3, for long-lasting performance.
  • Barrel Bearings: On both the cutting shaft and the support shaft, enhancing durability and stability.
  • Head Weight: 340 kg, indicating a solid construction.
  • Additional Inner Jacket: Made of HARDOX400 steel, for extra protection and durability.
  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Service: Full support and availability of spare parts.
  • Replaceable Skids: For easy maintenance and long-term use.
  • Belt Drive: Using SKF toothed belts for reliable power transmission.
  • #RAGNAR360 ROTOR: Equipped with 20 blades, ideal for mulching branches up to ∅120cm in diameter.

Innovative Blade Design:

Two blades on one holder and another two on the same section of the shaft create a perfectly balanced spiral. This design ensures exceptional efficiency and uniformity of cutting, while minimizing vibrations.

Breakthrough in Mulching:

The RAGNAR 100 is the first boom mower head in Poland capable of mulching wood exceeding 11 cm in diameter. This is not just a step forward in technology, but also a new standard in mulching.

Note: The RAGNAR 100 head is not intended for mowing grass.

RAGNAR 100 – Your Solution for Advanced Mulching Tasks.



Front chain guards Yes
Flap opening actuator Yes
Width 100 cm
Belt transmission Yes
Weight 340 Kg