Stump grinder for power arms FP

The Polish stump grinder FP60, produced by ROLMEX, is indispensable for stump removal. Thanks to its long hydraulic arm and mobile head, the FP60 stump grinder is ideal for working on sloping embankments and high counterscarps. Its unique belt transmission protects the engine from damage, and the milling disc is not directly connected to the hydraulic motor, distinguishing it from the competition.

Features and Specifications

  • Diameter of the milling disc: 40cm or 60 cm
  • Any diameter of the stump being milled
  • Efficiency: approx. 0.5 m³/hr
  • Disc rotation: 1800-2500 rpm
  • Possibility of installing the stump cutter for excavators or backhoe loaders
Machine made in Poland – a guarantee of quality and reliability. Additional tags: asphalt milling machine, concrete milling machine, excavator milling machine, backhoe loader milling machine, milling head, chain excavator, concrete mixer, hydraulic hammer, snow plow, excavator drill, excavator compactor, screening bucket, stump cutter, stump milling machine, stump removal.



Working Diameter of the Milling Disc 40 cm
Cutting Disc Rotations 1700-2300 rpm
Weight 220 Kg


Working Diameter of the Milling Disc 60 cm
Cutting Disc Rotations 1700-2300 rpm
Weight 280 Kg