Power Arm mounted Sweeper ZMX160

Introducing the Innovative Power Arm-Mounted Sweeper ZMX160 by #Rolmex

#Rolmex is proud to present the innovative shoulder-mounted sweeper ZMX160, specifically designed for effective snow removal from sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and cobblestones. Our shoulder-mounted sweeper is a reliable solution that excels in challenging winter conditions. It is exceptionally adept at removing fresh snow layers, making it perfect for the initial phase of the “Winter Action” campaign.

The ZMX160 offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Fast and Efficient Snow Clearing: Achieve snow removal speeds of 0.5-1 km/h.
  • Interchangeable Bristle Options: Choose from polyurethane bristles or mixed versions with steel wires for versatile sweeping.
  • Compatibility with Various Mower Models: Easily mountable on different boom mower models.
  • Excavator Installation Capability: Can be installed on excavators like the JCB Hydradig.

Choose #BetterStrongerROLMEX for quality and reliability. Our products are made in Poland, ensuring their robustness and durability. With the Shoulder-Mounted Sweeper ZMX160, you can effectively clear sidewalks and cobblestones, ensuring safety for users during the winter period.

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Working Width 1.6 m
Power 40 HP
Rotations 2000 rpm
Brush Diameter 40 cm
Weight 130 kg