Weed brush GS70

Discover the Versatile ROLMEX GS Brush for Efficient Roadside Maintenance

The ROLMEX GS brush is a versatile tool designed for the effective cleaning of roadways, efficiently removing sand, dirt, moss, and lichens. Ideal for use along curbs, sidewalks, medians, and overgrown road edges, this brush is an indispensable tool for post-winter maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Equipped with a special hydraulic system, the ROLMEX GS brush is compatible with various hydraulic arms, including those from Ferri,  McConell, Samasz (KWT), and also with backhoe loader arms from JCB, Volvo, Case, New Holland, Terex, HSW, and others.
  • Interchangeable Brushes: We offer a wide selection of interchangeable brushes with different bristles to suit various needs, including PPN (for dust and snow), PPN+wire (for dust and verges), Wire (for verges and cobblestones), and Metal (Wire for cobblestones).
  • Multifunctionality: The brush also serves as a snow sweeper, making it an ideal tool for year-round use.

Enhanced Efficiency and Protection:

The GS brush is specifically designed for removing grass, weeds, and residual spreading agents by road curbs and flanks. Its high efficiency during operation is ensured by an integrated mechanism for overcoming obstacles, which prevents crane arm load while simultaneously protecting the entire device. The cleaning process is easily controlled thanks to the advanced control unit for operating the mower on which the GS brush is installed.