Reach Arm Mowers with Second Arm Extension in the KR-Z POWER Series

Modern Reach Arm Mowers KR600Z/KR700Z from Rolmex – Polish Technology and Efficiency Combined

Imagine the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency – the KR600Z and KR700Z reach arm mowers are flagship products in the Rolmex range. These advanced machines, featuring an extendable second arm, are designed to meet the highest demands of professionals in the mowing field.

Distinguishing Features of KR600Z/KR700Z:

  • Reach: The KR700Z, with its thoughtful design and the ability to shift the mounting of the head, boasts an impressive reach of up to 7.4 m.
  • Hydraulic System: An independent system with a large oil tank (220 liters), supported by an efficient cooler that activates at 45˚C.
  • Power and Efficiency: An advanced hydraulic pump with a capacity of 73cm3 works in tandem with a 68HP engine, ensuring optimal performance during operation.
  • Safety: Thanks to the hydraulic-gas safety feature, which allows the arm to deflect by 30˚, the mower is protected from potential damage in case of collision with an obstacle.

Control for Your Convenience:

Whether you choose traditional lever control or a modern joystick, operating the mower is intuitive and comfortable. For those seeking the latest solutions, electric proportional control is available, allowing for precise and smooth operations.

Additional Features for Professionals:

  • Vision System: The optional SV camera provides the operator with excellent visibility during operation, enhancing safety and precision.
  • Floating Head System (FFS) and the innovative proportional “ELECTRIC” joystick offer unparalleled control and performance.

Don’t wait and find out why the KR600Z and KR700Z reach arm mowers from Rolmex are considered among the best on the market!



Max. Reach of the Arm 6.1 m2
Power 68 HP
Required Power 110 HP
Minimum Width 220 cm
Minimum Weight 4500 kg


Max. Reach of the Arm 7.1 m
Power 68 HP
Required Power 130 HP
Minimum Width 230 cm
Minimum Weight 5000 kg