The Rolmex WK-80 column drill rig, equipped with drill bits with widia tips, is designed for making earth holes up to a depth of 100 cm and a diameter oscillating between 100 mm and 350 mm. The advantage of the WK-80 column drilling rig is the ability to precisely drill holes perpendicular to the ground, also on slopes, slopes and slopes. Thanks to its mounting on Rolmex KR extension arms of 5-7 m, the holes can be made in hard-to-reach places with limited access. The rotation of the drill and their selection are regulated by a valve mounted on a hydraulic motor. The Rolmex WK-80 drilling rig can work with all Rolmex KR booms and with cantilever mowers from other manufacturers. The support legs with which the drilling rig is equipped are also used for transport in a lying position. Transportation is also possible after mounting the drill on the hydraulic arm.

1. Drilling depth up to 100cm
2. Drill diameter Ø150 x 800, Ø350 x 500mm
3. Guide eyepiece for the drill bit
4. Mounting on a Rolmex hydraulic arm
5. Working pressure 200Bar
6. Oil flow adjustable 20-120L / min
7. Weight of the drill 330 kg


Made in Poland