Leveraging years of experience, we have created a mower-mulcher head that operates seamlessly in the highly demanding conditions of Polish landscapes. Introducing the NSKN mower mulcher for excavators - a tool perfected in harmony with the extremely mobile JCB Hydradig excavator.

The NSKN mulcher model is a robust and versatile solution, designed to maintain wastelands and hard-to-reach areas efficiently. Whether mounted on small and medium-tracked excavators, or those with tyres or tracks, this mulcher stands as a beacon of adaptability and strength.

The mulcher works in perfect synergy with a variety of renowned brands such as CAT Caterpillar, JCB, Case, Hitachi, Hyundai, Liebherr, Volvo, Komatsu, and others, ensuring compatibility and excellence in performance. The JCB Hydradig hydraulic mower-mulcher NSKN has been rigorously tested by the Interhandler, a representative of the JCB Hydradig excavator, promising unprecedented efficiency in operations.

Our mulchers come equipped with hydraulic transmission, a feature seen in the GH120K model that facilitates the adjustment of the mulching degree through its front hood. The addition of a support stabilization roller allows it to adapt to ground contours effortlessly, providing a consistent height of cut.

An imperative step in working with excavator flails is a preliminary measurement of the hammer line during excavator movement. A detailed analysis of flow and pressure paves the way for an optimal configuration, ensuring that the excavator operates at its full potential, contrary to the misconceived notions of many pseudo-experts and importers of weaker structures from Italy and Spain.

The NSKN mulchers are available with four types of working shafts to cater to different requirements, including:

  • Universal shaft for heavy Y knives and T6 hammers, offering interchangeable usage
  • Shaft for H type hammers, ideal for destroying bushes and regrowths
  • Shaft with YS type knives on shackles, perfect for precise mowing
  • Shaft with permanent widia teeth, offering relentless performance

Each mulcher is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, promising to work from the top of the vegetation down to ground level while avoiding contamination or structures. They excel in handling heavy thorns, scrub, light trees, and hedgerows, using a steel high-speed rotating drum endowed with heavy-duty swinging hammers that fold away upon contacting a solid object.

Reach out to us for a tailored offer matched to your specific carrier, complete with an adapter and power cables for easy installation. Experience the magic of unparalleled quality and functionality with our NSKN mulchers, optimized for your JCB excavator needs.

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Made in Poland