OUR PRODUCTS - Reach mower / Boom mower DEX 410/450/490

Reach mower / Boom mower DEX 410/450/490


Hydraulic Slope mower with side shifting and mechanical release safety devi-ce for tractors 20/50PTO-HP and weight 2300/5600 lbs, small size and with the flexibility of attachments such as: rear right-rear left and/or front right, front left. mowing.
Hydraulic hedge mower with side shift and mechanical release safety device for tractors HP 60/80 and weight 2000/2500 kg, suitable for working on local and trunk roads and farms.

- Frame - 1st arm - 2nd arm in structural steel ST 52
- Three points attachment 2nd category
- Oil tank 102 l
- Double gear pump group 3+2 - 62+15 l/min
- Bidirectional hydraulic motor HP 42 power
- Distributor with remote controls with mm 3000 flexible cables
- Head mm 1000 MODEL 20.2 TTD with direct transmission
- Self-levelling floating system
- Feeler roller recordable on 3 positions
- Head rotating angle 200°
- Helicoidal rotor
- Number revs to rotor 3000 rpm
- Fixing tie-rods
- Cardan joint


Maximum arm reach *[m]
Oil capacity [l]
Power of hydraulic system [HP]
Tractor power required [HP]
Tractor weight required [Kg]
Machine Weight** [Kg]
* Reach measured from tractor center line to head edge.

**-Dependent on machine specification (including oil, including standard flail mower)

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Machines compatible

Farmtrack 690 DT

Farmtrack 690 DT

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Made in Poland