OUR PRODUCTS - Reach mower / Boom mower KR500PB

Reach mower / Boom mower KR500PB


The KR-PB Series are medium range Power Arms which can be connected with almost every hydraulic heads from ROLMEX,s offer.
The ROLMEX KR-PB is designed for professional users and used in medium hard ground conditions.
ROLMEX KR-PB is available in one versions: “PRO-Comfort”(51HP).

Thanks to the Stiff Midcut Pack there is greater ergonomics and operator,s safety than in the other ROLMEX boom mowers models.

The KR-PB is equipped with independent hydraulic system, very efficient oil cooler and a 150-liter-capacious oil tank.
There is hydraulic safety breakaway which allows machine to go back about 30˚. This mechanism prevents our hydraulic arm from damage in case of obstacles (e.g. rocks, rubbish etc).
KR-600Z work is controlled from the tractor cabin with control desk (with lever and joystick).

• Storage support legs

• High performance oil cooler

• Road lighting kit

• Operator friendly

• Head angle 210˚

• No need to demount arm in case of parking tractor in garage

• Our machine meets all requirements for participating in traffic in public roads

• Hydraulic hoses in metal and plastic casings

• Place prepared for the oilcooler mounting

• Higher frame durability

• Sleeve, greased and hardened joints connections

• Wear-resistance bushings with grease nipples

• Cutting head with camera and LCD screen inside the tractor available

• Two totally independent head and cylinders power systems

• the Stiff Midcut Pack 1,3m

Made in Poland.

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