SBV 80H 4 & SUG 35 -T


SUG 35-T and SBV 80H4 are a set of machines mounted on the rear and front TUZ of a farm tractor, used for the repair and restoration of dirt and forest roads. SUG 35-T is equipped with helical knives that allow for the breaking of the existing ground surface to a depth of 10 cm. The variable, independent angle of setting of the blades in relation to the direction of travel (to +/- 30° each) allows for the movement of the structure, filling its gaps and leveling the excess. The machines also give the appropriate angle of slope of the shaped surface for each of the blades separately, so that water flows in two directions from the road crown. The operation and control of the rear SUG 35-T and front SBV 80H4 units is done using a joystick, which allows for smooth and fast maneuvering of the machines. The rear camera allows for a constant view of the performed actions and helps when reversing the entire set of machines. The prepared surface is compacted using the unit mounted on the front TUZ of a farm tractor model SBV 80 H4. The hydraulic attachment, acting as 4-segment vibrating plates, generates a pressure of 80 kN, working at a frequency of 70 Hz, which is comparable to the work of a traditional 18-ton vibrating roller. The transport of the machine set is possible after lifting the entire front and rear SUG 35-T unit on the tractor TUZ lifting system or with the help of the rear wheels of the unit after lifting the blades in advance. SUG 35-T and SBV 80H4 are efficient and reliable machines that allow for quick and easy maintenance of dirt and forest roads.


Made in Poland