The Spare Parts Department




The Spare Parts Department is a very important division of „ROLMEX-MISIUDA” Sp. J. We provide an integrated supply service for a variety of replacement parts, components, and materials for municipal machinery and related equipment. Our customers are equipment end-users located within Europe and our product range includes metal and non-metal machines parts.

Our fully computerized parts system, managing over 12,000 line items, helps you to save both time and money. All parts are available for delivery from European stock. The immediate availability of spare parts is one of the basic rule in ROLMEX policy.

All our parts are manufactured to 100% compatibility criteria and offer cost-of-ownership advantages. We have a large reference data base which combined with the knowledge and experience of our supply partners allows us to provide guidance and advice regarding parts procurement.

The Spare Parts Department looks forward to receiving details of your requirements. So don’t hesitate to ask in case of any question!

Please note! We will be able to help you faster If you have your machine model numbers, serial numbers and part numbers in front of you when ordering.


Made in Poland